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We Put Your Safety First

Committed to Your Safety

We work tirelessly to ensure your comfort and safety while maintaining regulatory compliance. Our staff is employed by a physician-owned corporation as dictated by the Massachusetts Board of Medicine and our cloud-based technology provides a compliance framework that includes a digital review and sign-off by a physician before any procedure is performed. This unique approach provides the most compliant and safe environment for fulfilling your vision.

As a member of the American Med Spa Association we are proud to adhere to the highest standards of client safety. Not every medspa does.  Recent regulatory updates have reiterated this requirement as you can see here.  An easy test is simply to ask if a suitably qualified Medical Professional reviews and signs off on every procedure BEFORE it begins.  If the answer is no then RUN as that location is out of compliance and not taking your safety seriously.

Technology Based Compliance

We’ve created a HIPAA compliant, cloud based system that securely allows your electronic medical record to be privately viewed and updated by our care staff and Doctors so we’re always up-to-date on your health and treatment history.

Doctor Reviewed

Our compliant electronic workflow is constantly being reviewed to ensure it is up to regulations, and enables our qualified and experienced medical team to review and sign off on every treatment plan before it begins, ensuring a second set of eyes always sees your service plan.

Compliant Medical Professionals

We ensure our care staff has up to the date training on procedures, standard of care, and regulatory requirements. Unlike most other med spas, our staff maintains strict regulatory compliance so you can rest assured you’re in the industry’s most capable hands.


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