Collagen Induction Therapy and CooLifting

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One of the least invasive methods to rejuvenate the skin, this technique uses a sterile device that when moved across the skin creates micro channels. These microscopic channels, while invisible to the naked eye, stimulate the body’s natural healing process in a technique called Collagen Induction Therapy. Collagen, the protein responsible for providing strength and structure to the skin, decreases production as the skin ages, causing skin to become lax and lose volume. Collagen Induction Therapy not only renews collagen production within the skin, it also strengthens existing collagen fibers to tighten treated areas.

CooLifting is the newest in European facial technology and can restore your skin’s natural glow and luminosity in just four minutes. This in-office treatment offers optimal guest comfort through a unique blend of botanical ingredients, hyaluronic acid, and carbon dioxide. This can be used as a standalone treatment and can also be combined with other treatments depending on your skin condition and aesthetic goals.

CooLifting is the perfect ending to a collagen induction facial. It helps alleviate redness that accompanies this treatment, oxygenates the skin and hydrates.

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