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What is truSculpt3D?

The technology available for non-invasive fat reduction has expanded and improved tremendously over the past five years. One of the most successful approaches is through the use of Radio Frequency (RF) waves to kill subcutaneous fat cells by heating them to a constant temperature. Cutera’s truSculpt® 3D body sculpting uses a multi-dimensional approach to fat reduction. By massaging the target area for fat reduction with a hand-held RF device, your MedSpa professional is able to provide uniform heat to the specific area in which fat reduction is desired. The RF waves go deep beneath the skin and heat and kill the fat tissue, which is processed out of the body over a 12-week period. While positive results will be seen within six to eight weeks, the full results will be seen by the end of 12 weeks. Each targeted area is exposed to the RF treatment for 15 minutes and you will feel little or no discomfort other than heat on the skin. There is no downtime from this treatment. The full treatment of the abdomen and love handles (4 areas) will take approximately one hour.

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